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Between 18:50 on Sunday the 15th November 2015 and Monday 07:00 the 16th of November 2015

The home of GB7HM and GB3CR was broken in to.

Amongst other items, the main repeater and back ups were stolen.

1 x Motorola SLR UHF Repeater

-          Serial Number 478IRJ0199 (Possible ‘n’ socket has been damaged on rear )

3 x Motorola DR3000 UHF Repeaters

Serial Numbers:

-          484TPJ2905

-          484TMQ4302

-          484TMG3115

If you have any information leading to the return of these units, please contact us as soon as possible

Welcome to, the website of Hope Mountain's Digital Mobile Radio Repeater.

GB7HM is a member of The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network of Motorola Digital Repeaters

Linked throughout the world, the DMR MARC (Digital Mobile Radio Motorola Amateur Radio Club) enables thousands of Amateur Radio users to communicate together as if they were in the same area.

Located in North East Wales, 6 miles North of Wrexham, GB7HM overlooks Wrexham, Cheshire and the Wirral offering a wide area of coverage of which stretches as low as Shropshire and as far across as Manchester.

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